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    Shanghai Tejet Communications Technology Co.,Ltd (Tejet), is a leading 3rd party testing laboratory, mainly engaged in testing of electronics and communications, technology research and development, and technology consulting. We have many accreditations of domestic and international, good relationship with certification bodies. Tejet provides fast and comprehensive certification services. Tejet is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park which is beautiful and convenient.
     To help customer’s new products enter domestic and international markets quickly, specified services can be provided by Tejet to meet customer’s requirements, which is “One-Stop” services of comprehensive conformance testing solutions. Customer can obtain global certification within Tejet laboratory, such as CE, FCC, GCF, PTCRB and operator specified testing. Tejet has world leading testing system for electronics and telecommunications product, and professional team who have rich experience in testing. Tejet provides local testing services, professional technology consultation for testing certification as well.
     From the beginning of established, Tejet is insisting on the "three high” standards strategy (high starting point, high standards, high quality operation). Tejet steadily grow in more than 30% of the annual turnover and profits.
     Tejet provides services for both mobile communication terminal manufacturers, and specified certification tests commissioned by other agencies. Our clients are mobile telecommunication manufacturers of domestic and international, becoming the best long-term strategic partner of one famous domestic company.

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