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    To help eliminate the export to Nigeria of unsafe and sub-standard goods SON have introduced the Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP). SONCAP takes effect from 01 March 2005 and for products within its scope, it is applicable in addition to any existing import processes such as PSI.
    SONCAP applies to certain categories of products known as Regulated Products. A full list of Regulated Products can be found at www.soncap.com but an overview is shown below:
    a) Toys
    b) Electrical and electronic products that could be used by members of the public whether in their homes or otherwise e.g. in residential, office, retail, leisure etc environments. Examples include, but are not limited to, household appliances, IT products, communication products, lighting products, audio-visual products etc.
    c) Motor vehicle tyres
    d) Automotive glass
    e) Vehicle spare parts
    f) Chemical products (such as motor oils, paints, bitumen, school chalk, kitchenware, tableware and dinnerware, tobacco and tobacco products)
    g) Construction Material, Mechanical Devices and Gas Appliances
    h) Paper and stationery items
    i) Protective Safety Equipment
    Obtaining the necessary Certification under SONCAP is a two stage process.
    Stage 1 – Obtain a Product Certificate The Product Certificate is evidence that the product that you intend to ship complies with the standards recognized under SONCAP. A Product Certificate can be used repeatedly until the expiry of the products listed in it.
    Stage 2 – Obtain a SONCAP Certificate The SONCAP Certificate is the document that will be required to help ensure the release of goods from the destination port in Nigeria. The SONCAP Certificate is the evidence that all goods within a given consignment have a valid Product Certificate and where appropriate have been verified, through sampling or otherwise, that they are not sub-standard. A SONCAP Certificate can only be used once and is only valid for that particular shipment
    All certification activities must be undertaken in the country of export

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