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Field try testing service

Field try testing service

Tejet engaged in providing field try testing service high quality. We support the domestic and some foreign regions.

Field try testing in development phase

We provide different package (Based on the version status and the various stages of development) for the customers.                  

Customized Field testing service for customer

Tejet offer a complete service according to customer requirements (test routes and test cases). We support the domestic and some foreign regions.

Customized Field try testing service for operator

Tejet offer a complete field try testing service according to the domestic operator requirements (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom). And we distribution test engineers in the test cities.

Oversea Field try in the LAB

Tejet established a lab simulation environment. And we can simulate the network of the oversea operators in lab in shanghai. We can finish most of the software testing and dynamic performance testing in the lab. We can provide the test result in conformity with the true oversea testing, But with quicker time and lower cost.

GCF Field try testing

Tejet also provide GCF field try testing.

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