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          Certification Service

    C-tick label is a special mark shows electronic and electric products confirm to electromagnetism disturbance standard and management regulation of Australia. A-tick symbolize the products confirm to Australia low-voltage safety requirement.
    The typical products which need carry C-tick mark as: (1) Kitchen electronic appliance (2)Home electric entertainment devices(3)Home appliance  (4)Appliance computer (5)Other wireless transmit products.
    A-tick is the certification mark for communication devices which issued by Australian Communications Authority. Manufacturer and import should use A-tick according to the following steps:
        (1)、Products carry on ACAQ technology standard for test
        (2)、Register and use A-Tick to ACA
        (3)、Fill in Declaration of Conformity Form, and save with product’s accordance record
        (4)、Mark A-tick label on the communication products or devices
        (5)、Sale to consumers

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