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In Apr.,2009   Shanghai Tejet Communications Technology Co.,Ltd. was Established

In Aug.,2010   Joined SGST

In Dec.,2010   Won the ZTE ‘s Best Strategic Partnership

In Feb.,2011   Won the CNAS ISO17025 Test Laboratory  Recognised Certificate 

In May,2011    Approved to be the GCF member

In Nov.,2011   EMC Lab won the FCC Test Recognised Certificate

In Nov.,2011   Won the High-Tech Enterprise Certificate 

In Mar.,2012   Won the Shanghai High-Tech Achievement Transformation Program Certificate 

In May,2012    Approved to be the GCF Recognised Test Organisation

In Jan.,2013   Approved to be “the China Communications Standards Association Fellow Member

In Jan.,2013   Approved to be the CTIA Recognised Test Lab

In Feb.,2013   Approved to be the PTCRB PVG Full Member

In Mar.,2013   Approved to be“Enterprise R&D Institutions In Pudong New Area”

In May,2013    EMC lab won the IC Test Recognised Certificate

In Dec.,2013   Approved to be the PTCRB Test Recognised Lab

In Mar.,2014   Won the TUV Lab Recognised Certificate

In May,2014    Won the OFCA Test Recognised Certificate

In Sept.,2014  Approved to be the China Telecom Authorized Test Lab

In Jan.,2015   Won the Lenovo Excellent Coorperation Lab of the Year

In Mar.,2015   Approved to be the China Mobile Subcontracting Lab

In Mar.,2015   Approved to be the Thirdparty Test Lab of the Lenovo

Ideapad Products

In Mar.,2015   Approved the PTCRB LTE Test Qualification

In Apri.,2015  Approved to be the Wireless Throughout Test Lab of the Lenovo Ideapad Products

In Jul.,2015   Joined to be NFC FORM Union Member

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