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          Testing Service

Conformance Testing Lab

    Tejet provides conformance testing for GSM/GPRS/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA mobile terminal of GCF and PTCRB certification, which is voluntary testing for operators of European and North American. Specified services can be provided by Tejet to meet customer’s requirements, which is a “One-Stop” service of comprehensive conformance testing solutions.
    (1)Service Scopes:
        2G RF Testing
        3G RF Testing

        2G/3G Protocol Testing

        LTE RF Testing/LTE Protocol Testing

        SIM Testing
        AGPS Testing
        OTA Testomg
    (2)Testing Capabilities:


        LTE-FDD,inter and intra band CA test of LTE-TDD

        AGPS RF and Protocol
    (3)Test Systems
        R&S TS8950G

        Agilent MiNT T1140S

        Anritsu ME7873F

        Anite SAT(A) UE

        Anritsu ME7873L


        COMPRION IT3 SIM Simulator
        COMPRION IT3 USIM Simulator
        Spirent 8100-A600 ULTS system

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